"we are having trouble accessing TomTom services"

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In the last week or so frequently getting trouble accessing TomTom services, all the time I cannot use traffic (the reason i purchased the device), and sometimes MyDrive not available. I have unpaired / paired Bluetooth numerous times. Re-installed Mydrive. Installed all updates. Re-installed maps. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S9, which has been fine for the last 7 months since i purchased the TomTom. What else do you recommend.

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  • Irene05
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    Does anyone know, if there is some guarantee for XX years, when I want to buy a new device with lifetime map and lifetime traffic?
  • Lochfrass
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    There will be no warranty, but if you buy a current device I think you should not have a prblem with lifetime for the next 5 years.
  • Blue_Palliser
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    RiderRider - You were close, I ended up resetting both devices, but then uninstalled mydrive and downloaded this again, and now its all active. Thank you