Saved route on 6250 is different to that using MyDrive

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I drive a motorhome, so don't want to use narrow roads in it. Whenever I go somewhere I don't know, I plan a route using MyDrive & sync the track to my device (I can see no obvious alternative).

Despite this, the route that gets put on the satnav often contains spurious route changes, which seem incapable of being removed - the web version has differences to that on the satnav & I have found no way of changing them. Looking at MyDrive, the route is correct - not always so on the satnav.

Some changes are minor but very irritating, such as going over the top of a junction on a dual carriageway rather than continuing on the main road. Others introduce completely different roads and are often unsuitable for a larger vehicle or take me off the main road and into a housing state, or whatever. This is particularly irritating near where I live, which is in the process of having the main A14 dual carriageway upgraded - I know which junctions and routes are open but I can't make them 'stick' in my planned route, so the satnav version of the route incorporates a number of spurious route changes, which don't seem to be able to be overwritten. Luckily I know the area, so can ignore it but that may not be the case elsewhere in the country.

All very frustrating & defeats the aim of pre-planning the route.

Is there a way of ensuring that the route I plan is the route I get on my satnav, or will it forever be overwritten by whatever an eternal piece of software decides is what I meant to go?


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    This sort of works but not very well for me.

    The A14 near Huntingdon is completely new & opened at the start of December 2019. The satnav's map reflects this correctly.

    However, despite adding stops on the new road to force the route to go that way, the version on the satnav ignores them and still wants me to go on some devious (illogical) route which completely fails to incorporate these new stops!

    The problem with tracks is that sometimes roads are closed (due to roadworks or accidents) - having a tracks can really confuse satnavs - my previous TomTom device could be a real pain when this happened.

    This workaround still doesn't really resolve the problem though. If I plan a route on mydrive, why does the version on the satnav not mirror what has been saved?

    Whilst this is the current manifestation of the problem, I have had similar issues with it elsewhere in the country - mydrive version looks OK, satnav's version is different. On occasions I have had to pull into a lay-by to check the route, which somewhat negates the whole point of planning a route. If you're driving a car, its not the end of the world. Motorhomes are not quite so easy to turn around. If I was in a large lorry, I would be even

    Surely, the whole point of using mydrive is to tell the satnav what route to follow - it's not a lot of use if this isn't what happens? Something odd is happening if there are two versions of the route, one of them being incorrect.

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    How have you set-up your route planning options....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Route planning In Section (1)
    'When a faster route become available'
    Have you set Option... (1) to 'Always take the Fastest route' --> 'Don't ask me'... If 'Yes' the device will change the planned route automatically to the faster route, without asking you

    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Route planning
    The 1st Section of the Route planning Menu Screen applies when you have already planned a route and you are driving the Route
    On the Live Tomtom Devices 'When a faster route become available' the device will....
    Option... (1) = Always take the Fastest route ie... 'Don't ask me, always take the fastest route'
    Option... (2) = Ask me so I can choose I.e... 'Always ask me' BEFORE taking the Fastest route
    Option... (3) = 'Don't Ask me' I.e... Don't Ask me at all, stick to the planned Route

    Route planning screen... Section (1)
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    I have both the options highlighted in your screen image - option 2 & Fastest Route. These seem to be correct from your message.

    Still confused, though, as to why what I see on MyDrive is different to what's on my satnav - this happens as soon as the data has been copied across to the satnav, even before I start to actually use it, so should, I would have thought, have been the same as what I see on MyDrive.

    As regards the A14, the road is correctly shown on my satnav but the calculated route doesn't use it - it tries to take me on the old A14, even though the old road is closed in Huntingdon, in readiness for a bridge over the mainline railway can be removed - going that way means going through Huntingdon, which doesn't make any sense. This is different to what's in MyDrive, where the new road can be used.

    If you were to plan a route from, say Bar Hill, Cambridge (where I live) to Worksop, you would see what I mean. MyDrive tries to get you going through all sorts of hoops to get to the A1, none of which are necessary, as I can get on the A14 directly from the village and use the new section of the A14 all the way to the A1 (the A14 now completely bypasses Huntingdon, going to the south, rather than was the case before).
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    Hi, I too experience the “odd/unexplainable” routings from both my Go 6250 and Go Camper versus the routes calculated from MyDrive (PC-Web based) and whilst some of these difference could be attributable to changes in traffic density there are further unexplained vagaries……………… ;)

    I have found that on MyDrive if you change the vehicle type and settings; viz height width and weight it will calculate as you would expect a different route to accommodate these setting, but even mirroring the exact same settings on the device, the device will often calculate a different route.

    In my opinion this arises due to :

    Different routing algorithms between MyDrive and our Devices.
    Different maps between MyDrive and our Devices.

    Try plotting a route from Birch Copse to Chequers Lane both in Bricket Wood, St. Albans on MyDrive then on your Go 6250 with the Vehicle Settings the same for both a Truck and Van and see the differences in the routes being derived……………. Anything from ½ mile to 9 miles………… :s

    Irritatingly until, “if and when” TomTom use a common routing algorithm and maps for both MyDrive and all PND’s I believe we will continue to see and experience these navigational idiosyncrasies. :s

    In my opinion, TomTom tends to partially rely on users notifying them of issues and if they concur will attempt to correct the issue on that device or map and this leads to the current situation where we see the inconsistencies for example between MyDrive and our devices.

    In addition, TomTom has admitted there is an issue with the current version of the Trucker and Camper maps, they delayed the last map (10.40) update for the Trucker and Camper maps to issue the 10.41 map version to correct, but I and other users have found that we are still getting very odd/illogical routes being presented.

    With regards to the area around you and the A14, TomTom will I believe belatedly incorporate the new road layout in their next map release (fingers crossed) due in February but will the inconsistent routing issues be corrected?

    “Possibly” ;)