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Hi, Our tom tom's sd card has come out of the slot, I have put a new one in it and tried to install the update available. our sat nav is saying No Maps Available, we re supposed to have life time maps and updates but all the maps seem to have vanished. I could really do with some help as our sat nav has previously got us to Spain on Holiday. I need to add i'm not computer savvy so don't understand going into the programmes etc, if you could please help me could it be very easy to understand instructions.
thank you in advance

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    Thank you ever so much Doug, I've followed your video and and it's download perfectly. :)
    Been on my Pc all day trying this and that and getting know where, as I said I'm not really computer savvy.
    I've even got a " Thank you & well done off the hubby "
    Thank you again. :):)
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    Hi @Mini_Newsh1

    Its not my video it is one of the many videos that are on this website. If you click on Discussions Home at the top of this page then scroll down you will see a Topic Support Videos etc. Click on that then Click on List of Support Videos (Drive) then scroll up to the first Post which is a long list of videos some of which you might find interesting. The one you used is No 18 under Drive.

    Its not a question of not being computer savvy its finding out what you need to do then it is often simples. =)=)

    Glad you are sorted