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How can I update my device?

I am not able to update my device. Every time I try to find a new address it keeps looking for a gps signal. Do I need a subscription? Do I need to pay for it?


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    GPS connectivity is not related to subscriptions. I think the issue could be related to the WNRO which happened last year.

    See more information on this topic-

  • Smurf_Tom_2005Smurf_Tom_2005 Posts: 48 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    Since April 6, 2019, some devices have had problems receiving a GPS signal. This is the WNRO (Week Number Roll-Over) issue that has resulted in some of our GPS models not receiving GPS position descriptions.
    The following problems arise with the navigation devices with the GPS chip: Global Hammerhead GL1 + GL2, Broadcom BCM4750, Qualcomm AR1520 and SiRFstarIII:
    Time: 0.00; Date: January 1st and - or long satellite search
    there are official and unofficial updates.
    To check which chip is mounted on your TomTom, press the RESET button and then the ON / OFF button for a few seconds until the diagnostic screen appears.
    The model of the GPS chip is displayed in the "GPS type" position.
    based on the serial number you can find out which update, upgrade or patch is good for your navigation system. so you have to tell the first 2 characters of your serial number.
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