how to enter a location by entering the city-code, next street name instead of first street?

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I want to be able to first enter the postalcode /city name and then next choose the streetname.
Now I first have to enter the streetname.. how can I change that?


  • Niall
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    You need to be using the "quick search" method

    See page 177 of the manual
    Choose a search style
    The following two types of search are available:
    Quick search
    Start typing your destination, place or POI to immediately see a list of street names, places and POIs that match.
    Step by step search
    Find your destination in easy steps. For an address, enter the city, then the street, then the house number. For a POI, enter where you want to search, then the type of POI you want to search for.

    Both types of search give the same result, so choose the type of search that you find easiest to

  • DougLap
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    Hi @Caroline_01

    Can you try changing the Search method from the current setting..

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap System
    Tap Choose a search mode.
    Tap Step by Step or Quick Search , whichever is showing, and change to the other version.

    Here in the UK the Quick Search is preferable for Postcodes as in many instances you do not know what the Road name the postcode is in and with Step by Step you cannot find a position without the road name . but I don't know if the problem you are having with Postcodes in Belgium is similar.