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How to activate lifetime maps (or transfer them from my old device)?


My XL IQ Routes with lifetime maps and traffic (serial starting with RU) fell off my windshield and cracked the screen. It still powers up, but the screen is unusable.

Okay, so I went looking for a used model with the idea of either switching to that device, or (if I can find an identical model) switching the screen over to my broken one in order to fix it.

So, I've now acquired a Start 45M (including the card with the lifetime maps code, serial number starting with GT). This looks to be a comparable device (same form factor, 2GB RAM) but it's using very old maps (v.880).

So, I plugged it into my PC and updated Home to the latest version ( I switched my account to use the new device (accepting the warning which it said could be done only every six months). Okay, so I went to update the map or restore the map from my PC... it doesn't show any updates available, and the maps backed up on my PC say "This item cannot be installed on this device because of content restrictions".

What are my options at this point? I have these two devices which both should be licensed for lifetime maps, and their 2GB of memory should still be plenty for the Northern US and Canada map which I normally use. Is there any way to activate the lifetime maps on the new device, or transfer the lifetime maps code from my old device?

Alternately I could try to take both devices apart, move the good screen from the new device to the old one (hoping that the screen design is the same between the two models)? But then I have to wait six months to switch Home back to the old device... and I don't even know if it will remember that I have lifetime maps! Perhaps I've shot myself in the foot here.

How can I get myself back to having a working device with updated maps?

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  • Karl_ZKarl_Z Posts: 14 [Legendary Explorer]
    Thanks, @lampard . I tried again this morning and it showed the 1040 update. As expected, I have to switch to the Northern US & Canada map; that's loading onto my device now.
  • Karl_ZKarl_Z Posts: 14 [Legendary Explorer]
    The 1040 map loaded successfully and I was able to use it to navigate today. I was also able to find my Simon (UK) voice files from the last time I'd needed to reload them.

    The time kept resetting to 12:00 AM, which seemed like a WNRO issue. The software on the device was (I think) 9.405... Home didn't show any available updates, but I was able to find the 9.541 application in my "Items on your computer" screen and load the update from there. (I guess this is a bug in Home; if an update is already on the computer but not on the device, it doesn't show up as an available update?)

    So, it looks like I'm roughly up to speed. I might try to transfer my favourites from the old device to the new, but that's a lower priority.

    Thanks again, @lampard !
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