Iphone Hands Free issues with TomTom Toyota II

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We've recently been having issues with the hands free call mode for the Toyota Yaris
when someone calls the IPhone whilst it is connected to the satnav unit via bluetooth.

the incoming call cannot be answered or declined but once autopick-up accepts the call I cannot hear the caller and the caller cannot hear me, we have to answer then end the call and dial them back, this resolves the problem for this call only.

We have tried;
unpairing the devices and repairing them
soft and hard resets of the satnav
Updates are all current (including phone)

does anyone know the issue or a fix?

IPhone model IPhone 6 on iOS12.4.4
TomTom Toyota II (Eclipse II) on software 7.828


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Jenkins_Fam

    Welcome to the community!

    Although our support is limited to queries regarding the maps and services I would still want to ask if the problem has appeared recently? After an update on the device or the phone?

    Looking at the troubleshooting that you have already tried there is not much I can suggest. Have you also tried resetting the phone?

  • Jenkins_Fam
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    Hi VikramK,

    thanks for replying,

    The phone is brand new, purchased as a Christmas gift, we originally thought that it was an obsolete phone and Ios that was the cause after using a more modern handset and ios the problem persists.

    we are at a loss for what to do now,

    I have searched online and there appears to be an Italian forum but I can't accurately translate so although it appears to be the same issue I can't really be sure.

    any further help would be greatly appreciated