How to edit,save,delete Contacts on device?

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Hello, I purchased a Go 620, looking at the contact on the sat nav itg doesnt seem to have any but on the my drive app it seesms to have 5 random contacts, im not entirley sure where the information is pulled from but how can i edit this pelase.

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    Not to mention your contacts can change all the time. You don't want a static copy on your sat nav.
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    Sorry for the late reply, thank you for your help, this sorted it!
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    Not sure if I am missing something here, but the replies so far don't seem to answer the OP's actual question... How to Edit/Delete the random Contacts that appear in the MyDrive app???

    I have the same issue but have no idea where MyDrive 'pulls' the contacts from - Samsung Contacts list, Google Contacts (I have both on my Samsung smartphone) - or how to edit the list in MyDrive? I'm guessing MyDrive has 'chosen' or 'selected' these contacts because they are the ones which include an address, or at least a partial address, in the Contact details?
    As my Tt Go Premium X can act as a voice-activated phone interface as well as a satnav, it would be useful to have access to ALL my contacts - not just those which include addresses - or none at all!

    That said, how do I unlink/re-link my Contacts with the device?