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Traffic & Safety Camera not working

I have an "Unlimited Navigation" subscription for TomTom Go for Android. Traffic & Safety Camera does not work for the past few months.

I tried installing the same app on my wife phone, and there it works fine.
I also tried to "clear storage" and "clear cache" so I had to download the maps again. This didn't solve the issue.

Android version: 9 (December 1, 2019)
Go version: 1.18.1

The MyDrive app is working fine. This is showing Traffic and syncs My Places perfectly with the Go app. So Traffic & Safety Camera looks like the only thing that doesn't work.

What can I try to solve this issue?


  • lampardlampard Posts: 4,481 TomTom Moderator
    Hi @maarten03

    Welcome to the Community! Can you check if the services are working when you connect to WiFi? Please try the following to restore services:

    -Reset the app (Main Menu>Settings> System> Reset App)
    -Toggle Traffic & Speed camera services OFF, Log out of your TomTom account (From Main Menu>TomTom Services)
    -Quit the app & Restart your phone.
    -Open the app again and toggle the services back ON and log back in (From Main Menu>TomTom Services)

    Let us know how it goes!

    Regards, lampard
  • maarten03maarten03 Posts: 10 [Master Explorer]
    edited January 10
    I found the solution!

    If the colours on this webpage look the same, you're probably facing the same error:
    The problem was that my provider (KPN NL) supports IPv6, but not completely. The DNS support is in place, but no public IPv6 IP.

    So, I installed the tool DNS66 to override the DNS. This enforces IPv4 DNS. Also disabled IPv6 in the first tab. And I changed the APN settings to only use IPv4.

    Apparently, TomTom Go checks the IPv6 support incorrectly.
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