Go Camper (a supposed upgrade) verses the Via135

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I received the go camper and it is as I suspected, a backward step in part of the navigation device being caravan friendly, no matter how I tried I cannot get the go camper to block part of a route to a selected destination permanently, ie routing to a destination and blocking part of that route is ok when going to that destination but what about returning home using drive home, the section that was previously blocked is now unblocked, this should be readdressed in the software so that if a section for a certain destination is blocked it should remain blocked when returning home from the same destination. Also, and again this should be readdressed in the software, if a certain road is blocked permanently and the road is part of a route, no matter from what starting point or destination, the routing should not use it, this of course would only be on the device users mapping and not made available to map share. The via 135 addresses this problem and a leaf out of it's book so to speak should be applied to the Go Camper software. As for being caravan friendly I do not think so, for example, Lodge Lane in the peak district, this is a steep incline with a very sharp hairpin bend 3/4 of the way up, I used the Go Camper to find a route to "Wymingbrook farm it took me up Lodge lane (towing a caravan), I then changed the vehicles dimensions in the settings and the longest I could go to was 60ft, still the Go Camper took me up Lodge Lane there is no way, even to the point where hell freezes over, a vehicle of 60ft long could negotiate Lodge Lane. Something very wrong with the software. The via 135 is by far a much superior device in this respect, but is now out of production and the GoCamper is NOT an upgrage it is a DOWNGRADE. I wish these findings could be reported to the boffins and they would address the issues with a software upgrade and it would indeed make the Go Camper an upgrade