I wish to update my 2012 Mazda BT50 GT navigation facility

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I have downloaded new map of Australia, however, "Tom Tom Home" does not recognise the blank memory card. My PC recognises it as G:. I have retained the original SB card "as is" for safety reasons. Pleaae show me how to download the map of Australia from my PC to the new 8GB SD card.
Thank you, Gordon Dallimore
PS I have already made this request via Tom Tom Contact window 3/4 days ago without any response - maybe I should contact Paypal with a complaint.


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    @GordoNO244 I'm not sure if this will help but I had the same problem with my 2011 Carminat TomTom system, I followed this advice and it worked perfectly for me, so hope this helps you out.
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    Hi Gordon

    Welcome to the community!

    Are you trying to install the map of Australia on a new SD card?

    Could you try the troubleshooting steps advised below-

    # Start the car and switch on the navigation unit.

    # Insert the new memory card into the unit.

    # Wait for a few seconds so that the card can be initialized by your Mazda.

    # Remove the card from your Mazda and insert it into the card reader connected to your computer.

    See if the device is recognized in TomTom HOME. If yes, check for updates :)