how do I get sat nav working in renault scenic second hand car?

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I bought a renault scenic on friday with built in carminat (not live). The original sd card is in the device but just says no maps, ive installed tomtom home on my computer and inserted sd but it doesnt recognise it. Ive clicked on my computer and the drive the sd card is in but no files are shown at all so cannot try deleting loopdir. Is there any way i can get the original map that came with the vehicle back on? thanks


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    @bgum61 not sure if you have seen this page, but it give you a few ideas, the links on the page also have lots of info that may help you out.
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    Is there a serial number that you can provide me through a private message .

    I would also recommend that you try the reinitialization process. Steps below-

    1. Start the car and switch on your navigation module.

    2. Wait for the navigation screen to appear.

    3. Insert the new memory card into your navigation module.

    4. Wait for a few seconds so that the card can be initialised by your navigation module.

    5. Switch off your navigation module, remove the memory card and insert it into the card reader connected to your computer.