Update to 1.3.255

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i have new adventurer. how can i choice update just to 1.3.255 if i dont want newer version besause of battery issue?


  • tfarabaugh
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    Go to this post and request a rollback. Why did you buy a new Adventurer, which was discontinued when TomTom Sports went out of business over two years ago? You should consider returning it and going with a brand that is still developing their products.

  • lespaul
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    I still use my adventurer. A fine sportswatch for walking, running, biking and even music listening. (well fitting in-ears)
    It works fine with my Samsung S8 smartphone also.
    It was and still is a good product. Too bad it went out of business. I hope it lasts for long.

    Why don't you try to update it through the pc software TomTom Sports Connect?
    I use ihat (macbook air) weekly for updating the GPS and charging the watch.
    My version is 1.7.64. Still does the job.

    Best regards from Gent (Belgium)