how long does it take to respond to notification of road changes

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I bought an update a year ago for uk map. Discovered it didnt have new road junctions for the A24/M11 - my local area - even tho it changed a good 6-12 months before the purchase. I complained and advised to report the change which I did. I have just purchased another map update when loading other updates. I'm not convinced that anything has changed - the road junction is still as it was a year ago - incorrect. I think I also reported the change in A14/M6 junction. This is also still incorrect. I'm amazed that something so key to freight traffic is still incorrect after more than 12 mnths????
Reluctant to ever purchase any further updates because I'm convinced I'm buying the same map as I already have. I cant see that any changes to UK map could be more key than the M6/A14 junction???? When will it be updated?