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May I pose a question to GO Camper owners please?

BrianEBrianE Posts: 547 [Exalted Navigator]
I have a GO Camper, which I purchased to try to avoid going down single-track country lanes. However, I have noticed that when I plan a particular route from Kidderminster to Redditch, it doesn't plan the logical route and instead, chooses a longer and often much-more congested route. TomTom support have suggested that there is something wrong with my device and have asked me to return it for repair, but I'm not convinced at the moment that it is a hardware issue, so I was wondering if a few GO Camper owners would mind trying a simple test on their devices by plotting the exact same start/destination to see what route is suggested? The start point is Finepoint Way in Kidderminster and the destination is Redditch town centre. I would like to know if the route given suggests going along Silverwoods Way in Kidderminster (the logical route as outlined above) or whether it suggests going via the Kidderminster ring road, as my device is doing. Note, I have my device set to Heavy Camper with no speed restrictions, so you would obviously need to set your device to the same profile before trying the test.

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  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,239
    Hi @BrianE

    It goes via The Ringway to the roundabout then Right along Comberton Road. Only goes via Silverwoods Way in car mode.

  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 547 [Exalted Navigator]
    Thanks Doug. That's exactly what I thought would happen, so it's not just my unit that does it then. If a few more owners see this message and happen to respond then I'll have plenty of evidence to support my claim that it's not a fault with my hardware.
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 272 [Exalted Navigator]
    Hello @BrianE

    I meant to reply to your other thread on this subject earlier……… :)

    Using my Go Camper device ( whilst sat here in Hertfordshire) I get similar issues when attempting to navigate from Finepoint Way to the Centre of Redditch using the Heavy Camper Setting it will navigate around the Ring Road.

    BUT if I change to a Light Camper Vehicle but with the “exact same dimensions” (My vehicle settings Dimensions L/W/H 6.50/2.60/3.50 Weights 3.50/2.00 Speed 70) it will navigate through Silverwoods Way……………………. ;)

    I get similar results when using my Go 6250, the Truck and Bus setting will use the Ring Road, but the Van setting (all with the exact above dimensions) will route through Silverwoods Way.

    As I am in excess of 100 miles away I do not know the local area, but I used Google Street View to navigate along Silverwoods Way and could not see any road signs that would restrict heavier vehicles or account for why we are getting these erroneous results.

    So does this mean that both my Go Camper and my Go 6250 are faulty and also needs repairing ? @VikramK @lampard

    I think not as I would have to be extremely unlucky to have 2 faulty units………. Plus there is you and many other users on the forum who are reporting similar issues with flawed or conflicting to local knowledge navigation routes. Can we all have faulty devices???

    It is more likely that the software / mapping are at fault………….. Especially since TT admitted the need for replacement trucker / Go Camper maps, but even with the revised 10.41 maps I am still experiencing exactly the same issues with crazy illogical routing.

    See this other thread for examples where I am experiencing very strange routing :

    Normally I would use MyDrive (web based) to get an idea / an accurate route before setting off and then if the device appeared to send me in circles……………… would (subject to my memory recall) ignore the device and attempt to navigate manually on my own.

    However I have noticed that MyDrive (web based) is also exhibiting flawed routing; for example if I navigate from:

    12 Mount Pleasant Lane, Bricket Wood AL2 3UZ
    to the nearest section of Old Watford Road, Bricket Wood i.e. No 2

    Only a distance of less than 200 hundred yards………………….

    But using a typical Heavy Camper Vehicle setting it will do a circular loop of almost ¾ mile :


    However if I change the Heavy Camper Vehicle Settings Height down from 4.20m to say 4 metres it will correctly navigate the less than 200 yards route:


    There are no height restrictions on the route; the only restriction that I am aware of is for Vehicle in excess of 7.5T for that section of the Old Watford Road.


    On New Year’s Day I returned home and the Go Camper (Light Camper Vehicle) sent me on a rather strange route to the route I expected ( last time I went to this destination was exactly a year ago ) and on checking today I found I had been messing around with the vehicle settings and had left the Vehicle Height at 4.25m resetting it back to 3.5m (My vehicle settings Dimensions L/W/H 6.50/2.60/3.50 Weights 3.50/2.00 Speed 70) it again calculated a different route home and I recalled I was a year ago using a Go 6200 – the route the Go Camper would have sent me included going down a local road (Old House Lane, Sarratt,
    Kings Langley) which is clearly signposted as being a ‘Single Track Road’ with ‘Passing Places’

    Again why does changing the vehicle height on the device affect the route when there are no height restrictions visible on the route???

    So using the Go Camper (Light Camper Vehicle) it still sends you down these Single Track Roads and I am wondering why I even bothered to buy the Go Camper / Go 6250…………………….??? ;)


    Summing up in my opinion the TT algorithm for the Heavy Camper and other similar sized vehicle settings on both the devices and MyDrive (web) is very heavily flawed and cannot be relied upon to give even semi-accurate navigation routings, even the Light Camper settings seems to be falsely affected by changes to the vehicle dimensions and TomTom need to urgently reissue revised maps yet again to correct these fundamental navigation flaws and ideally tackle the long-outstanding and thorny issue of sending our vehicles down these inappropriate Single Track Roads. :/
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 547 [Exalted Navigator]
    Thanks Guys for your time and effort in explaining this to me and confirming what I suspected, i.e., that's it's highly unlikely to be a hardware issue. So, I won't be sending my device back at this stage as apart from this issue, everything else seems to be functioning OK.
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 272 [Exalted Navigator]
    Hello @VikramK

    Thanks for noting the thread and concurring that the issues we are experiencing with our devices are not hardware related but bad routing since the release of map versions 10.35 / 10.41.

    Grateful if you can keep up the pressure on the development team to resolve this fundamental flaw soonest which for me is very irritating to be sent on a much longer route, but I feel extreme sympathy for the affected truck drivers who must be reliant on the devices and accurate routings for their livelihood.


    @BrianE As you may have gathered from my reply above, I have switched my Go Camper Vehicle Settings to a Light Camper with the dimensions noted above, but although it is reducing the frequency of the erroneous routings as I have noted I am still being sent down Single Track Roads, like you I purchased the Go Camper/ Go 6250 to avoid these, so there appears to be very limited benefit 'at present' of using the Go Camper over a 'designed for Car' device.

    I will await with bated breath the next release of Go Camper/Trucker maps. ;)
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 547 [Exalted Navigator]
    I have just replied to TomTom support who have asked me for more information about this problem, so I have provided a link to this thread.
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 547 [Exalted Navigator]
    Well, my impression that TomTom support don't really know what to do about this problem has received a boost as I've just received another message from them as follows:-

    "In order to investigate this issue we need some more information from you, could you please provide us the below details so that I can reescalate the case.

    ° Vehicle sizes and weight
    ° Vehicle type
    ° Origin - coordinates or exact location
    ° Destination - coordinates or exact location
    ° Description of the issue: i.e narrow street / low bridge...
    ° Location of the issue with coordinates"

    I had already provided them with most of this information, including a link to this thread for further background information. It seems that I am having to do a disproportionate amount of the work for TomTom and it really does make we wonder that if they are having so much trouble even identifying the symptoms of the problem, how on earth are they going to come up with a solution? It reminds me of a doctor who came to see me when I was a child and not feeling well - he asked me what I thought was wrong with me!
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 272 [Exalted Navigator]

    I have had similar requests from the Customer Service Team in the past.

    It was explained to me that they need the information in a "particular format" so they can pass it onto the 2nd level / Development Team for investigation. So yes, tedious but all part of their 'internal processes', let us hope they can resolve this issue. ;)
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 547 [Exalted Navigator]
    I await developments with bated breath, as Shakespeare would have said.
  • rcpilotrcpilot Posts: 63 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi I have just posted this
    It seems that all owners are experiencing problems with the New Go Camper and this is not a hardware problem it is a software problem and the sooner the boffins at Tomtom get to grips with it the better, the via navigates the socks off the Go Camper in some respects and the boffins should take a leaf out of the software book of the via and apply it to the Go Camper software, will they I think NOT but if enough people complain then it might be possible
  • rcpilotrcpilot Posts: 63 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Also it looks (I could be wrong) as thought you cannot transfer the destinations in the favourites section of the via 135 to the Go Camper, anyway what in the Go Camper is the equivalent to the favourites section in the via 135
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 547 [Exalted Navigator]
    edited January 2020
    As far as I am aware, you have a couple of options to create favourites on the latest devices. You can either create them on the device/in MyDrive (which gives you get two-way synchronisation, provided your device is logged into your account) or you can use a third-party tool like ITN Converter to add favourites to a file, give the file a name that means something to you and then import it into MyDrive, which will then be uploaded to your device. Interestly, with the first method, the POI's are displayed in alphabetical order, whereas with the second method, they are displayed in distance order (closest to farthest). Does that help?
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 547 [Exalted Navigator]
    Regarding my opening post, I have received an update from TomTom support as follows:-

    "I have discussed this case with our Technical team. According to them we do have same issue reported by some other customers as well. Based on this we have created a ticket (CCARE:3292) to be investigated on this and forwarded it to the developers.

    Our developers are actively looking into this issue impacting some owners of some Go devices. I regret that at this time they have not determined the underlying cause and cannot therefore give me any reference point on when they will have the issue fixed.

    We continue to investigate the issue and look forward to pushing an update to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    In the interim please accept my sincere apologies for any and all frustrations incurred."
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 272 [Exalted Navigator]

    Whilst it is good that Tomtom have created a ticket to be investigated and have forwarded it to the developers........................

    If we assume the Go Camper ( & Go 6250) is not one of their large volume product sellers (Go 6200 /Premium X) will Tomtom assign a high priority for its speedy resolution or will it join my ever-increasing list of items that Tomtom have yet to correct ............. :/

    Like you I only purchased the Go Camper in the middle of last year as a means of avoiding "my car" being sent down inappropriate Single Track Roads and so far I haven't seen the benefit of my purchase.

    It always amuses me when a response says "to resolve this issue as soon as possible" or similar wording as what does this actually mean????
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,655
    edited January 2020
    @Lost_Soul @BrianE
    +1... Yes with the Camper-Van GPS with the dimensions of the Van set... The Camper/Caravan device should not send you down tiny country lanes (Basically Farm Tracks)
    Unless of course if the destination is on one of these tiny country lanes....
    But then again neither should the normal Car GPS....
    Unless of course the destination is on one of these tiny country lanes....

  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 547 [Exalted Navigator]
    I think the clue is in the word "possible". From a quick Google search:-

    adjective: possible

    able to be done or achieved.

    that may exist or happen, but that is not certain or probable.

    What is the difference between possible and probable?
    Probable refers to what is likely to be done, to occur, or to be true; possible refers to what can be done, to occur, or to be true. If you say something is probable, you are expressing more confidence about it than if you state that it is possible.
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 272 [Exalted Navigator]
    edited January 2020

    The term “soon as possible” has always to me shown it recognises the urgency of the subject matter but is ambiguous as to a firm date when. ;)

    Taking the word 'possible' in isolation; I used to work in the Oil industry and The Society of Petroleum Engineers recognizes three main categories of oil reserves based upon how likely an exploration and drilling company believes they are to be commercially extracted.

    “Proved” reserves sit at the top of the scale, at a 90% or above likelihood.

    “Probable” reserves are those with the likelihood of recovery of at least 50% probability.

    “Possible” reserves lie at the low end of the scale, with odds of at least 10% probability.

    So with my cynical hat on I consider this is poor odds for TomTom – but very happy to be proved otherwise =) in order to have a device that avoids "my car" (or Camper) being sent down inappropriate Single Track Roads ........................................ :s
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 547 [Exalted Navigator]
    Hear hear, or words to that effect. I wonder what odds the betting agencies would offer?
  • dgetsoutdgetsout Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    I bought the TT go camper a month ago, and hear hear. I was navigated to a railroad bridge max width 2,10 while my Van was registered in the navigation tool at 2,60 width. It was pitch dark, i had not seen any warnings, i crossed the bridge, heard my tires squak and thought what is this? I asked TT about this and got exactly the same answer as you guys in Januari...
    Working on it... ticket made CCARE 3292...
    So i agree, selling a product with faults, that is not how TT should have done it. Why donot they let us go back to a version where the system and map combination works, as it looks that this has been introduced by a map and or system upgrade...
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