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32gb micro sd card

I followed the advice on here and from customer support and purchased a kingston (genuine) 32gb micro sd card put it into my Go510 and reformatted it
However when I connect up to MDC I get the same messages that I was getting about no room on my device
but it appears that MDC is still giving me the message about my device and its the same as when the other sd card is inserted
How can I get MDC to download my maps onto the new memory card?


  • jacintainspainjacintainspain Posts: 61 [Master Explorer]
    I should have added that MDC states on the top of the 'My Content' tab
    Go500 device 6291mb free Memory card 2929mb free which is not possible as I have inserted a new formatted card that the device accepted and shows it has 31gb free
    If I try to download the Venezuelan map it give me the screen saying no room on the device
    This is all on the MDC app which I have fully deleted in the recommended manner and reinstalled several time
    And no there is no problem with my internet speed or connection or virus software or firewall as they are both switched off
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,457
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    If you want to be 100% sure about your Kingston 32gb micro SDHC Memory card

    Maybe You have a Counterfeit Micro SD Card ???
    There are lots of Videos on-line... How to identify a FAKE Micro SD Memory Card... Just Google 'Counterfeit Micro SD Cards'
    They can be very visually very convincing

    I downloaded the Micro SD Card Test Program 'H2testw' from Softpedia
    It generates and copies 1GB files to the card until the card is full + Checks the Read/Write speed
    Here... https://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Miscellaneous/H2testw.shtml
    Note... The program 'H2testw' checked out as Virus free... Using Avast AV & Malwarebytes

    program copies 1GB files to the card until the card is full + Checks the Read/Write speed
    A formated 16GB card should hold around 15ish of the 1GB files to fill the Card and 31ish files to fill a 32GB Card
    The Fake cards have software installed, that fools the PC into repeatedly over writing the data on a much smaller Memory card, giving the impression its much larger than it is in reality...

    Luckily all my cards check out OK
    Use the above at your own discretion...

    Test results... My 16GB Toshiba SDHC Card
    Warning: Only 14915 of 14916 MByte tested.
    Test finished without errors.
    You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
    Writing speed: 15.4 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 18.8 MByte/s
    H2testw v1.4
    Installed 1GB Flles = 15

  • jacintainspainjacintainspain Posts: 61 [Master Explorer]
    I have three brand new cards all are genuine and all get the same result
    Why does nobody accept that there could be an issue with MDC not reading my device correctly
    The device informs me the cards are formatted and are empty so why does MDC keep showing that the cards are full
    Thats the issue not counterfeit cards, virus checker, firewall or losing Internet
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