Speed limit changes M27 Hamshire (section between Junctions 4 and 11)

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The M27 in Hampshire is being "upgraded" to a "Smart Motorway" so there is a huge section between Junctions 4 and 11 in both directions which is reduced to 50mph limit and these works will go on until 2021.

See https://highwaysengland.co.uk/projects/m27-junctions-4-to-11-smart-motorway/

I've tried reporting the sections between junctions, but unless lots of other people report the changes too, I doubt much will be done about this.

I've had a look at the online Map Report system, but it only highlights short sections, so I'd have to file multiple reports.

Is there any way of getting TomTom to update this so I can get accurate journey times between Portsmouth and Southampton which currently still work on the motorway being a 70mph limit?


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    Hi @tomtomgrahamm

    Speed limit changes usually take longer to get implemented compared to the other map corrections.

    If you have some of the report id's, please mention them here, I will forward it to the team.