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Overlay mode issues

techguyonetechguyone Posts: 16 [Master Explorer]
Since this app has inflicted itself on me (previously speed cameras) I'm guessing it is all-new code as it doesn't work like it used to.

1. Night mode not respected.
2. Previous position not remembered
3. It seems unnecessarily large, can it be scaled down a bit, it's an overlay not trying to take over the app underneath it.
4. Again, as it is an overlay, perhaps a degree of opacity/transparency would be helpful too.

I haven't yet come across any warning or the bottom bar where it tells you things so I can't comment on those yet.

Devs: look at the original overlay for how it looked before. The only issue that one had was the overlay not moving back into position if you manually removed the bottom bar instead of waiting for it to go on its own.


  • techguyonetechguyone Posts: 16 [Master Explorer]
    Oh anything from the hamburger bar does not work in landscape mode.

    This would be:

    Seems a bit daft to let the overlay and map work in landscape but not those settings, especially if your device is in a landscape mount.
  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,713 Moderator
    Hi @techguyone

    Sorry about my late reply & thank you for providing the feedback around the Overlay mode. AmiGO is there to give you the same as the old version and more! Like navigation and traffic-intelligent routing, all in a new design that will allow us to keep updating the app with more innovative features in the future.

    The overlay mode works both in landscape mode and in portrait mode but the team is looking into the possibility of changing the orientation of it, there're plans to add this in the new year. The size of overlay has already decreased as much as possible but we're still looking at the ways to achieve this.

    Regards, lampard
  • techguyonetechguyone Posts: 16 [Master Explorer]
    I'd like to be part of any beta testing program, this particular app looks to have been completely rewritten and lacks a lot of the functionality of the old, different team?

  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,713 Moderator
    Hi @techguyone

    Please click here to join an Open Beta Tester program, and click on Become a Tester.

    You can forward your feedback by leaving a review on the Community, Google Play Store or by joining our slack channel: https://amigobeta.com/feedback

    Regards, lampard
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