Speed camera update via mydrive connect

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I don't know if you guys are on a long Christmas holiday but I have left a message on facebook on the 27th regarding this still waiting for a reply, I have also messaged you via css web with no reply.

My issue is that I noticed an advertisements for speed camera updates inside the mydrive connect application which I thought was an upgrade to the current one for my Europe maps so I went ahead and purchased it because it was for £1 for 3 months which I thought was a very nice offer, though the advertisement inside the application is a bit misleading it does not state anything about it being for World cameras when purchasing you only see this once you have purchased the item. So now I have 2 running speed camera applications running my Europe 1 which had 11 days left when I purchased the new one but what is the point of me using 2 speed camera applications on my device? there is no point at all. So now I have wasted 11 days of what is a really decent offer.

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    My speed cameras were due to expire last night. I bought the special 3 months for £1, ran updates but it still says that my Speed Cameras have expired.
    All a bit crap really - not sure why last months didn't roll over, why it's not working and why the hell TomTom didn't just leave the annual subscription apart from charging us MORE money.
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    Like I have said the advertisement is misleading and TomTom should own up to this mistake. All it said when purchasing was speed camera update for £1 you only get to know what for when you've gone through the full process and paid. This is when it sends you another speed camera application to your device which is the world camera and not the Europe camera, why we would want 2 different applications running at the same time! Pointless.
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    I was offered by email the $2 speed camera for 3 months. I looked at it and put it in my shopping cart. The next day received a follow up email saying it's not too late to take up the offer So I did.
    Put in my credit card details and it charged me full price.
    What can you do please not happy
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    I'm starting to wonder if Tomtom is out of controle? Looking at the forum, it seems more and more like that, is that "offer" an desperate chans to get black figures in the book? The countdown in the mail starts over it's seconds everytime it reaches 00. Has the whole website been hacked? It would not surprise me to read that they have gone belly up in a few days. With more and better phone navs and cars buildt in systems, these stand alones seems doomed and so with a large part of the company? I really don't have any evidense for this, it's just my gut feeling! Stay alert out there people, the offer was one of these too good to be true variants.
  • VikramK
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    Hello Everyone,

    Both are different subscriptions.

    1- World Speed cameras


    2 - Europe Speed cameras


    I can only suggest that you contact the customer service and they should be able to sort this out.

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    I know the 2 are different but like I have said in 2 post now when ordering via the mydriveconnect application it DOES NOT state which offer of map this is for! you only get to see which map it is for when the purchase has gone through which is misleading.

    I have also told you I have contacted support via facebook on the 27th December with no reply. I also started an incident online via css web Reference Number: 191227-xxxxxxx and have had no reply. Now when I started I had 11 days left on my Europe map I now have 8 days.

    Since purchasing the misleading World map which was purchased on the 25th of December I have now wasted 5 days waiting for customer support to get back to me on this issue I can't find a UK phone number to contact support.

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  • lojelo
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    Thanks to VikramK & DougLap

    I got through to support today and explained the situation with the advert on mydriveconnect they put an extra 11 days on the world speed camera for me which was very good of them. They did ask did I want to cancel the order but I said no because if I waited until the Europe speed camera run down the offer might have gone.

    Many thanks