Does anybody actually get an answer

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Does anybody actually ever get their question resolved?
I had a message from one operator on Dec26 and I answered him at 1011 am this morning he posted back to me at 1052 am this morning but since then I've posted at 1119, 1156, 1.09 and 2.21 with no response back I know they are busy but come on I cannot use my device and need this issue resolved as a matter or some urgency now
Hence I ask if anybody ever gets their issues resolved by this company?


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    I have not received a answer to comment
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    My GO6200 wouldn't down load Australian maps and they wanted £120 to fix as they said the GO6200 had not been used in 2 years which was not true. Now that I have complained they deny that I ever had a conversation with them
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    Hi @AG1234

    See my response to your other post.