Is there an EASY way to transfer my locations, voices and contacts from my GO 920 to my VIA 1525?

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Both units show up on my PC, in their specific unit setup. Hwo can I transfer the above data from the 920 to 1525 easily? I do have an mini SD card. Will that work?


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    This video shows you how to transfer favourites and Points of Interest (POIs) to your new device.

    If you have Lots of Favorites....
    Saving Your Favorites from your Tomtom using the free version of Softops POI editor
    Download SoftTop Tomtom POI Editor to a folder on your desktop; open the folder and un-zip the file.
    My Dropbox account...
    (1)... Connect your Tomtom to your PC USB port and turn it on
    (2)... Run the TomPoiEdrEn.exe file; you should now have the SoftTop POI editor running.
    (3)... Click on the Gold Star Icon (3rd Icon on the tool bar) a New filer Window opens
    (4)... Find the Tomtom drive (Or one of your Backups)
    (5)... Find and click on your installed Map.. (Mine was United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland)
    (6)... Click on the 'OK' Box
    (7)... Click on the Softops POI editor... File Tab
    (8)... Click on 'Save As'
    (9)... Rename or accept the offered Name... Save to your Desktop

    Note...I think the development SoftTop POI editor has stopped as you can no longer access Google Earth or Maps from within the program and the author does not reply to Email

    How to import POIs, GPX files and Favourites in MyDrive to Your New Device