Can’t install maps I’ve purchased

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I have a GO Essential with UK/Europe map. The device is registered to my TomTom account.

I purchased maps of Australia and New Zealand through that same account but can’t find a way of getting them on to the device.

I’m using a USB connection to my laptop and Connect on the laptop.

If I go to settings / maps & updates it shows me there’s an update to my installed UK/Europe map and I am able to download and install that update.

However it does not list the new maps I purchased. They were purchased on the TomTom web site while logged in to my account and I can see them in the order history as having been paid for.

How do I make them visible to the settings / maps / updates list on the device so I can download and install them? I have 2 devices registered to the account. Do I have to somehow allocate the purchased maps to the specific device? If so, how?

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    Hi @nakb

    Contact Customer support and sort out what to do. Any map purchased should be allocated to a specific device by serial number.

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    Don't answer the questions but wait for an agent to answer. You will also need to check whether you will need to add a Micro SD Class 10 memory card, 16gb or a maximum 32gb is recommended, to have enough space to add the maps.

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