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I do live in the USA and my GO 930 that I used in Europe is no longer supported due to the less than required memory (I have 64 GB memory on it, while the new GO 620 only expandable to 34 GB thus half what I have and I have multiple features that the new 620 does not) and therefore no more update available for my great GPS. I would consider to buy the steps down 620 if I could buy one with the full Europe maps and the speed cameras even though I do live in the USA. I would NOT NEED the US maps, only Europe.
The offer of the replacement page is asking for the residence. If I put it to the USA, it comes with the US maps - so that is no good. If I defaulted to Europe, it is asking for the country and that is not good either hence I got not residence in any European country. In short: I would consider to buy the GO 620 6 inch if it comes with the full European maps and the Speed cameras and both comes with life time updates for the same price, US $139.99.
How to do this?


  • VikramK
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    Hi P2Tom

    I suppose that product you are looking for on our webshop is this one-

    The GO WiFi 620 comes with Lifetimes world maps, which will cover and US and Europe.
    See this link to know more about the coverage.

    Note: Devices brought in the US will come with TomTom Services(Traffic and Speed Cameras) regional.

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    Hello Vikram,
    Thank you for relying. No this is not what I would like to have. The enclosed URL is the same where the TomTom GO 930 Home leads when I chose that I do live in the USA for .to buy a new GPS. Although I do live in the USA, I do not want the USA map, I would like to have the European maps and the European Speed Cameras only.
    Thank you!
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    The GO WiFi 620 comes with Lifetimes world maps....
    The World maps are stored on your Tomtom Cloud account
    You can install or un-install and swap to which ever Map you want to display on the device

    Tomtom world Maps... https://www.tomtom.com/en_us/lifetime-services/#maps

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    Hi YamFazMan,

    Thank you for your reply.
    I think my issue is already solved due to a help from someone who is not on this conversations.
    Nevertheless, the TomTom offer of the European countries' map comes when I default my residence to Europe (but there you need to designate a country). If I default it to the USA, then the "replacement deal" provides only USA and Canada maps and cameras only. I do not need the USA map, I use this GPS only in Europe.
    Thank you though for your answer and have a great afternoon,