Frozen TomTom GO 520

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my tom tom is frozen.
when i switch on, i i can`nt get past the terms & conditions because the agree button wont work?


  • dhn
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    Is this a 520 that uses MyDriveConnect or the old 520 using Home?

    If the former, Try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds.

    If the latter, press the reset hole on the bottom of the device.
  • steveinlondon
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    I tried the reset button using a pin, but it’s still frozen.
    It’s been like it for weeks, it’s going in the bin today if a can’t solve it
  • lampard
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    Hi @steveinlondon

    Sorry about my late reply! As a last resort, can you please try the following steps to reinstall the application your device using TomTom HOME and see if it helps?
    • Perform a reset on the TomTom device
    • Connect it to the computer using the USB cable or home dock while the device is off> Turn on the device
    • If TomTom HOME starts up automatically, exit the application> Browse to the TomTom device memory
      On Windows: Go to My Computer/Computer/This PC > removable drives
      On Mac OS: double click on the TomTom drive on the desktop
    • Make a complete manual back-up of all files and folders present on the memory
    • Delete all the loose files in the root directory, so that you are left with folders only
    • Open TomTom HOME and let it check for updates; select the application offered
    • Disconnect the TomTom device from the computer, soft reset the device and reconnect it
    • Repeat steps above until no more applications are offered.

    If this doesn't help then it may be necessary to perform a full backup, format & restore procedure on the device to get it working again. See the public FAQ My device is not working. How do I restore it? for instructions. Hope this helps!

    Regards, lampard