stuck with no maps available. need "keeper map"?

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My go 500 has been having problems after turning it fully off then back on. The map was on the sdcard and I'm guessing it didn't see the sdcard(32g sandisk ultra plus sdhc) until i turned it off and on 5-10 times. I'd get a no maps available red bar. I could always get it going again just real annoying. So i decided to try and update it.

The tomtom home program did a restore on it twice. The restore wiped the map from the sdcard. Now its stuck with no map on the device and I can't put one back since it doesn't see the sd card. Map is too big to fit in the internal memory. The sd card works fine in a computer. I read another post about getting a small keeper map added to your account so you can get the tomtom going and format the sdcard. I think I need to try that. I'm still not sure why I was having the original problem that the tomtom doesn't see the card after turning it off and on(called reseting it according to tomtom). Intermittent hardware failure? Before this last problem if I could get the unit to not have the red bar it would work for months until I needed to reset it again.


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    I called tomtom support and got thru to someone in under a minute. Looks like the solution is click install on the map thats too big, pick 2nd option when the box comes up thats says its wont fit, pick smaller map with less 3d buildings.
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    Hi @kd5crw

    It may be that on Monday @VikramK one of the mods may be able to allocate a small map to you which you can try and load and get the GO500 going again. If you can then you can look at re formatting the card to Fat 32 and reloading the map or try another Micro Sd Class 10 card .size 16gb or max 32gb.

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    Hi @kd5crw

    'Venezuela' a smaller map has been activated for your device.

    Install this to the internal memory of the device to avoid no maps found situation.

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    Good idea
    my GO 50 is not opening the applications, in fact nothing, I've done everything now just call support, the problem that I'm working on time, who has a hint of help I accept ...

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