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Bluetooth connectivity issues for Wi-Fi devices and iOS 13



  • juresjures Posts: 102 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    iOS 13.3 released. TomTom released what so far? Only crap.....
  • GreatLakesTONYGreatLakesTONY Posts: 9 [Master Explorer]
    jures wrote: »
    iOS 13.3 released. TomTom released what so far?
    Maybe their whole development team for GO500/600 series has left, no one to write codes now...
  • ValleyForgeValleyForge Posts: 1 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I've run out of snarky comments. And humour. Sigh.
  • GuntherVGuntherV Posts: 12 [Legendary Explorer]
    See my previous post
    I received an answer from the helpdesk, saying my TT has the latest software, so if I could try the connect procedure again.
    Well, my TT has version 19.201.0010.411 (0), released in ... september. So how can this solve the problem (and yes, I reconnected again, and no, it didn’t work (surprise). Replied this again to TT, no answer yet... Absolutely no respect for their clients
  • Nigel ANigel A Posts: 123 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Just downloaded apples 13.3 At this time I now have traffic with wifi hot spot and now have Bluetooth hands free back ! Will see how long this lasts. not tried to get traffic via Bluetooth only, as intend to leave well alone, if it continues to work !
  • 66mpg66mpg Posts: 13 [Master Traveler]
    With today’s iOS update to 13.3 newly installed on my iPhone SE I set off round to the garage to see how my TomTom Go Basic was going to react.

    Oh joy! It connected and up came traffic. We’ve been here before, and one swallow does not a summer make. I turned everything off, then on again. Another connection. Now for the acid test: program a destination and go for a drive. Arrive at destination; this is getting good.

    Turn off, then on again. Oh dear! We’re back to Bluetooth connection going on and off. Eventually it settled down, connected, and I set off for home. Part way home and traffic has gone again.

    More experiments in the garage with a depressingly familiar feel. It’s just not reliable enough. I can’t be fiddling with this while I’m driving and the spare Android phone just works.

    More work needed TomTom!
  • Nigel ANigel A Posts: 123 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Bugger, that didn't last long ! looks like traffic was only through home wifi. on connecting via iphone hot spot promptly lost traffic AND Bluetooth hands free. Did actually check hands free and got call notification ok. Now have lost everything including traffic. one step forward 3 back. Bloody annoyed that now I even have lost traffic, that at least seemed stable for a while. How much are Garmin's going for over Xmas Rider 550 for the recycle bin.
  • aliasGEBaliasGEB Posts: 40 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    We have beenl testing iOS release from Apple since months but no action from TT team.. it seem very unfair TomTom approach at customers!!! Very Very bad!!!
  • juresjures Posts: 102 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    Nigel A wrote: »
    Just downloaded apples 13.3 At this time I now have traffic with wifi hot spot and now have Bluetooth hands free back ! Will see how long this lasts. not tried to get traffic via Bluetooth only, as intend to leave well alone, if it continues to work !

    Worked only after reconnect then its all same story again.....................
  • johnsondvrjohnsondvr Posts: 29 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Same problem here. The Bluetooth connection is just not reliable. My Rider 550 is the only device I have that is experiencing these problems. No device update and no MyDrive update.

    So frustrating that there is no comment from TomTom but that is probably because if they admitted they had a problem, then we could all claim against TomTom.
  • RedBillRedBill Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have been having problems with my TomTom Supreme live traffic since iOS 13. At one stage I got traffic working using WiFi to the iPhone hotspot but then it stopped again. Just tried 13.3 and a reset of the TomTom but still not working. Just used an old iPhone 7 running 12.1.4 and it works perfectly. Looking at Settings, MyDrive on the TomTom it shows "Destinations..." when connected via iOS 12 or my home WiFI but iOS 13.3 shows "We are having trouble accessing TomTom services. Please try again later".

    I hope TomTom can fix this soon otherwise I will have to use my old phone while driving.
  • GuntherVGuntherV Posts: 12 [Legendary Explorer]
    Tomtom really thinks we’re fokking (are we being sensored?) morons.
    Beginning of the week :

    “you should update your TT with the new software and then try to reconnect. This should help”.

    New software for TT? No update available, and the software on my TT dates from september.

    “I can see you have the latest software installed. Do try to reconnect bluetooth”.

    Tried it, no use, there is no new software, so why should it work now, but not two weeks ago? We need new firmware and/or mydrive app.

    Midweek :

    “Download the newest ios that has been released, reset TT to factorysettings and reinstall everything”

    Ok, for the zillionth time I reset to factory settings, ios 13.3 is installed on my iphone, but, again, nothing has changed. We need new firmware and/or mydrive app.

    Today, end of the week :

    “It seems your device is defective. Please send us your device so we can look at it”

    This I also did two months ago. After two (!!!) days I received a refurbished device because ‘my (brand new!!!) TT rider was irreparable defect’ (how would they know? They probably didn’t even look at it). And no, the problem was not solved, so they did not even bother to test if it worked with ios 13. And this then should mean that all TT’s with this ios 13 bluetooth problem are defective??? What a coincidence!!!
    No no, WE NEED NEW FIRMWARE and/or MYDRIVE APP. Why doesn’t anybody listen and why does your technical service treats us as idiots?

    No answer received yet.... sigh
  • RedBillRedBill Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Further to my last post, I used my TomTom with the WiFi connection to my main iPhone running iOS 13.3 yesterday and traffic worked perfectly. There is no sense to this. Is it some of the TomTom servers work and others don't?
  • Nigel ANigel A Posts: 123 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    This is beyond me, no traffic since iOS 13.3. Out to Holland - no traffic connection. Sitting in Holland late at night and now I have traffic vis hotspot ? TomTom server problems ? Not a clue ? No Bluetooth though.
  • tao123tao123 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Bought a GO basic a couple of weeks ago and really regret it. Thought the traffic info would be a big improvement but sadly it's never worked long enough to find out. Support no help, thinking of sending it back as no resolution in sight..
  • juresjures Posts: 102 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    Sold my tomtom. FO tomtom- forever!
  • jicemanjiceman Posts: 21 [Master Explorer]
    I tried the suggestion to reset my device to factory settings. However, after the reset, there was no improvement. I am still not able to connect to traffic of MyDrive over my iOS 13 device. Works fine with another WiFi (but that doesn't help while driving).
  • jicemanjiceman Posts: 21 [Master Explorer]
    Oh, I contacted Tom Tom and while doing so, was shown a pop up.


    So, they know that their Go devices don't work with iOS 13. They made a fix for bluetooth pairing. However, Traffic (they seem to say it might work or might not) and MyDrive don't work.

    Doesn't look like they plan to fix. So, if you are using an up to date iPhone, then you simply can't expect your Tom Tom to work.
  • Nigel ANigel A Posts: 123 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    I had traffic on my Rider 550 all the way back from Holland, so I assume my previous traffic problem was with Tomtoms servers ? Would be nice to know these problems saving al the on off reset etc. etc. Blue tooth still a no no though.
  • RedBillRedBill Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Using iOS 13.3 and after a TomTom (GO Supreme) reset to factory a few days ago, at first no connection to traffic. The following day it connected OK using WiFi to the phone hotspot and traffic has now worked reliably for 4 days. It even worked with Bluetooth (WiFi hotspot turned off) on one occasion but this is not reliable and it hasn't worked with Bluetooth since. I suspect this is only short term, if previous experience is to be believed.
  • jcfreitasjcfreitas Posts: 0 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I own a Go 520 and an iPhone 8 with iOS 13.x My Go 520 pairs via Bluetooth with the iPhone and I have access to all but to the traffic services.

    This means I can answer and place phone calls, I can have my messages read out loud, my directory is synced to the Go 520...

    But it is rare that I can use Bluetooth to have Tomtom traffic services access the Internet via my iPhone (with 3G/4G data services active).

    Hence no traffic service unless I turn my iPhone into a hotspot access point having registered that Wifi SSID and password in my Go 520 in which case I do have traffic services most - but not all - of the times.

    It is almost unbelievable the number of similar Bluetooth complaints on the several forums. Is there anyone from TomTom paying any attention to this?

    Have you noticed that even with all the updates and factory resetting (an apparently preferred choice near the support service) the problems remain essentially the same? Can you estimate the number of lost hours of frustration of your user base subject to this ordeal?

    Will there be anytime soon an official answer (and an update!) from TomTom to all of us not getting the services we paid for?

    Please help us and respond as expected.

    Sincerely yours,
    -- joão
  • GuntherVGuntherV Posts: 12 [Legendary Explorer]
    Yesterday I received an answer via twitter that they are working hard on a fix for this issue. So fingers crossed?
  • GuntherVGuntherV Posts: 12 [Legendary Explorer]
    I tried to use a hotspot connection via my iPhone to connect my TT. I have WiFi on TT, but live traffic doesn’t always work. Anyone an idea how this can be solved? I thought having WiFi was enough, but obviously not
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 9,114
    Hi @GuntherV

    This is an issue since Apple offered IOS13 and needs Apple/Tomtom to resolve. iOS 12 still works fine so a pity Apple did not advise that updating to IOS13 could result in loss of function.

  • juresjures Posts: 102 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    edited December 2019
    DougLap wrote: »
    Hi @GuntherV

    This is an issue since Apple offered IOS13 and needs Apple/Tomtom to resolve. iOS 12 still works fine so a pity Apple did not advise that updating to IOS13 could result in loss of function.


    Thats why there is BETA released much sooner then official version. What Tomtom did? Nothing, what other vendor did? PRepraed them selves and released updated apps same day or day after 13.3 officially released!

    Actually what they did is to wait, then wait for users to complain, then verified its really a problem, and 3 months after they are 'doing everything they can' I am sorry but this is 1 week of work, its not new app its adaptation.
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