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Sometimes the Rider 2 will detect satellites and work well.
Many times it will not detect satellites even after a long ride of an hour or more.
I know that TomTom no longer support this device.
Is there a solution to this, other than buying another unit?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Richard_VMCC

    It could be related to the WNRO which happened in April 2019. Could you go through the information provided on the discussion topic here

  • Richard_VMCC
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    Thanks, Vikram.

    Do you have any information specifically relating to the Rider 2, please?

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  • tiljes
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    @Richard_VMCC You need to update the SiRFstar3 GPS chip firmware to GSW3.2.5. This was not officially made available by TomTom, but it's possible to do this yourself. Search on Google for GSW3.2.5.
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    The Rider 1 + 2 has the problem, that after a restart no satellites are found forever. Only after a reset.
    The issue is resolved with an unofficial firmware upgrade of the Sirf3 GPS chip to version GWS3.2.5 or GWS3.6.0

    what you need is the unofficial GPS upgrade Sirf3 GWS3.2.5 or GWS3.6.0
    So I've flashed several sat navs successfully. It can be found on a German forum.
    search with Google for: Universal Upgrade GSW3.2.5TT3 & GWS3.6.0 GPS Chip_SIRF-III

    More information can be found here: https://www.navitotal.com/topic21440.html