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Can the app tell when to leave to get somewhere for a specific time?

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    But it shows the travel time so you can count back.
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    It is also called your alarm clock on your smartphone.

    That works very well

    Also your calendar reminder works pretty good too.
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    I believe the answers do not address the question which is about planning. The app could predict the travel time for some a future date and time and, with that, recommend a departure time for some future journey and desired arrival time. Waze has that feature and TomTom's IQ Routes information could/should allow their apps to do that too.
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    Well I plan most of my trips weeks and even months ahead of time.
    I add them in as favourites and they are there when I am ready to start my trip.

    I pick the one I have planned and it looks at what the road conditions are and we are off.

    Most user's know at what time of the day there is a lot of traffic. Be it at the start of the trip or some where in the middle or end of the trip.

    You will never know 100% what you will run into along the way.

    There are times everything goes great and then there times it turns into a whole day wasted because of problems along the way.

    You make the best of it.

    There is no GPS app or stand alone unit that will help you out when there is a lot of problems on the road or roads.
    Problems can pop-up with out any warning and you are stuck in traffic or an accident that just happen and has not reached your GPS yet.

    You can plan a trip but you can not really predict the best time to leave.

    If you do the trip many times to the same place you know pretty much where the problem area's are.

    So you can with some planning of a time you need to start out.

    But no guarantees it will work out for you.

    That being said first time trips to a place you have not been is a crap shoot to say the least.

    You hope for the best that you do not run into to many problems along the way.