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  • SinglePointSafetySinglePointSafety Posts: 58 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Thanks TomTomGoUser - I'm aware of this workaround, but haven't tried it, mainly through apathy (!) and because I often use this BT channel for sending music from phone. This problem has also meant that I'm using a well-known alternative free navigation app more and more......
  • eddydceddydc Posts: 222 [Exalted Navigator]
    I guess the question remains what the new version number will be and when it will be released, no?
  • KelsternKelstern Posts: 17 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I had the email about this update months ago...then nothing, we have recently had this app notification...then nothing. Think the developers should have a serious word with the marketing team, they are starting to look as ridiculous at the British government of late.
  • Chris_SavChris_Sav Posts: 4 [Master Traveler]
    edited November 2019
    Seems an awfully long winded time happening.

    Perhaps it will be called the TomTom Go Mobile App, Brexit edition
  • Per5678Per5678 Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    Still no fix for the Bluetooth issue? ie ability to choose sound output from phone as opposed to one of the BT channels?
    Because my phone has BT on all the time, when it auto connects to the car, TT GO pushes the audio out to a BT channel - which I won't hear if, for example, I'm listening to the car radio ie not a BT audio source.
    Google Nav offers a simple choice - phone speakers or BT? It's an easy fix.....
    Even better would be if the selection of bluetooth-channel to use would work. Bluetooth head-units support multiple channels, but Go seems to push audio through the media-channel whichever channels is chosen in the settings. There is a call-channel, ring-channel, notification-channel etc. With go it doesn't even work to use the call-channel although ringtones and calls from the same phone goes through to the head-unit with suppression of radio or other media being active on it. My Go-subscription is about to expire and it is no chance for me renewing it unless this rather basic thing is fixed.
  • Sp4rkySp4rky Posts: 23 [Legendary Explorer]
    Ok so TomTom is anoying the hell out of me with these prompts now.

    Its bad enougth i was getting them each day i opened TomTom go. Why can it not remember i read it. Now i'm getting app notifications when im not running it :'(

    Please TomTom support stop the notifications at least for those who have read it.

  • Chris_SavChris_Sav Posts: 4 [Master Traveler]
    Map update released.

    Strange that we should need to download 6gig of updated map when that is supposed to be one of the things replaced in the new release??
  • DougBrooksDougBrooks Posts: 22 [Master Explorer]
    Have to say I too was surprised by the new large map update. when the big emphasis with the coming soon whenever never version was going to be the smaller incremental uodates
  • BasekidBasekid Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
    This surely has been one of the worst product announcements ever; spamming users with notifications for ages but no word on what is going to be released when.
  • SialorSialor Posts: 10 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Today, the navigator issued the following message.... 9pg3dyftsm3k.png.
    In translation, this is so,
    You have already started using the new TomTom application. What do you think of him?
    It could be better
    Is developer control completely lost over the application?
  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,586
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    edited December 2019
    We have now started the phased rollout of the TomTom GO Navigation app for Android.
  • KomarekKomarek Posts: 17 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Cool :)

    verstuurd vanaf mijn oneplus
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    Hi there,

    I'm closing this topic for further comments. The posts related to the new Go Navigation App has been moved here.

    Regards, lampard
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