Traffic service doesn't work

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I have a Renault Zoe and bought the TomTom traffic services. They do not work. The subscription shows up in the car as being current but the Traffic logo is greyed out, traffic info does not display and every time I hit the Tomtom live services tab in navigation it shows as unavailable. I'm fed up of it. I paid good money for 3 years of traffic and so far it's worked for a day for one trip. Then it stopped and it hasn't worked properly since. The TMC traffic doesn't work either.

The car has other connected services which work fine so it is only the TomTom system that is at fault.Network status is shown as connected and the battery status, pre heat and charge information is all working.

I tried Rlink Support and they haven't sorted it out. It's been like this since August. They can't tell me why it doesn't work! I have done all the turning it off and on and messing about and it makes no difference at all.

How do I fix it?


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    same problem here unfortunately
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    Same problem on a Rider 550 connected to a hotmpoint (I-phone). Everything connected to it can access anything on the WWW-net, TomTom device is connected to the net, but cannot access TomTom trafic services. Only sometimes suddenly it seems to work. Even factory reset and reintroduces all connection settings does not work.
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    Amusingly it's worked today. First time in months!
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    1 out of 10 it works, and then suddenly it stops working
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    Yes, I haven't had traffic services for the last couple of months, not even a fleeting appearance. Obviously tomtom is at fault if we're all having this problem. What are you doing about it tomtom??
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    Hi @Pompey

    Did your device com with Lifetime Traffic, have a current subscription or do you need to renew the subscription?

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    renault espace carminat .renewed live service on 12december since then no connection to the server.
    hd traffic button doesn't work and also some other buttons in relation with live service.
    the green dot disapears after a few seconds and change into a yellow triangle.
    also no traffic jam info and no alternative route subscription until 12/ the past never had a problem with live service until now.
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    Did you already try the troubleshooting steps advised on the below FAQ-