Live traffic only until the border

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Hi I have android tomtom and livetraffic only shows traffic upto the border. When I switch to roaming when crossing border the traffic is shown from that country. I wanr to have all traffic from whole route. Is this possible?


  • YamFazMan
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    Tomtom PND's have a Traffic Horizon dynamically centred (Live) from your present location...
    The Traffic Horizon (Bubble of about 50 Miles/80 Kilometres) follows your location along your route with you as you travel on your journey and is constantly being refreshed every 2 Minutes...

    Currently the journey time from Worcestershire to Liverpool (As in the example image) is 2hrs 14mins why would I want to know the Traffic info for more than 2 hours ahead, when the traffic Horizon (Bubble) travelling forward with me and constantly being refreshed every 2 Minutes....

    If you want World Live Traffic see the MyDrive Web Route planner
    There's also an option to turn-on and view the live Traffic flow

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    What YamFazman told is one part of the answer.
    The other part is the roaming thing. Without roaming you cannot have traffic info in a foreign country. It is something your mobile provider has set and not something TomTom can do about it.

    It should be possible to have all the traffic info downloaded just at the start of trip. But Traffic is dynamic en therefore the info also. That's why Tomtom created the traffic info bubble around you. That's why you need the roaming or skip the traffic info