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Where does the Tomtom Rider 40 and Rider 50 fit into the model history. Did they came before or after the Rider 450 ?
I can't go to the recent 500/550 as they will not work with my current fitted intercom system and I am not prepared to change all that out too, so I want the latest of the earlier version (if that makes sense) :)

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    wasn't a rider v5, the 2013 model a nav3 ??
    the previous rider before the 40/400

    that would do 48 points, have stops along the way,
    bluetooth transfer removed from the 50/500 for importing "travel plans" is a huge deal breaker for me. unless there is a wireless option, for transfer. wifi direct or something.
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    Acording to the User Guide Page 89....
    TomTom_RIDER 5_RG-en-gb.pdf

    The Rider v5 device is updated using Tomtom Home
    NAV3 devices Update using MyDrive connect