GO 620 and the smartphone - NO stable connection

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Why wont the cell phone and my go620 stay connected. They connect, I turn the system off and they are not connected. What could be the reason they don't stay connected? Thanks


  • Reind
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    did you got a solution for this problem,i still have the same problem.
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    We recently upgraded to Tom Tom go 620 and can’t get a stable connection with iOS 13.1.2.
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    You're not alone..Same with 13.2.3. IPhone connects (shows 2 GO620 in bluetooth), shows connected but Data for Traffic doesn't. So I Forget the GO that is not connected, unable to re-connect when the phone and TT are next to each other, forget it again, system searches, then able to Pair the 2 , shows connected on MYDrive (when the status box in top right corner is blank, no X..), yet on the GO620, still Unable to connect to Data and keeps trying to connect to Smartphone messages. Turning of smartphone messages doesn't make a difference. It's seems to be an ongoing issue even with other threads about this. Just having to deal with it working some of the time.
    The other thing that seems odd is, you're using the same phone with same device ...and you have to connect/pair all the time. ? One would think the 2 would recognize each other once you turn them on..!! - Just saying.