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Only one device per account?

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although new to this Forum I have been happily using TOMTOM for well over 10 years now.
My first device was a MIO PDA with built in GPS, I added TOMTOM Navigator5 and purchased the maps and was a happy man...
...until I bought a MIO 701 Cellphone on which I installed TOMTOM Navigator 6 and was an even happier man...
I then bought a TOMTOM XXL 540 in the US, another TOMTOM XXL 540 with "EU45" maps...
My 5th TOMTOM device is a Rider II for motorcycles.

What I find frustrating is that I cannot use my one single user account to manage all my devices.
I can accept my PDAs with TT Navigator for WinCE are old and obsolete, but to be "stuck" with three supported devices and only one account is sincerely a frustrating constraint.

I would also like to add that I find it unfair to read "maps are licensed to a specific device"; maps should be licensed to a specific registered user;
in this case I would happily accept they can only be installed on any one specific device at any one time, but they're my devices and my licenses.

I believe TOMTOM would only benefit if you were to work out a new TOMTOM HOME software where a user is allowed to register as many devices (new, old, even discontinued) in order to run and manage them as individually required.

I also have two Garmin navigators, but to be honest I really prefer TOMTOM's "style of "thinking"
I find TOMTOM much more user friendly and intuitive to use.
I wish TOMTOM would make it easier for us users to run and manage our decives.

Thank you.

Maurizio Pescatori,
Rome, Italy


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