TomTom VIA52 continually wants to import contacts from my phone

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I have a TomTom VIA52 which I also use as a BlueTooth handsfree device connected to my phone. Whenever it connects to my phone it insists on importing all my phone contacts which can take a considerable time. Even when this eventually completes, if I disconnect my phone or it goes out of bluetooth range, TomTom then insists on going through the Import Contacts all over again and sometimes never completes. I can't see any way to turn this Import Contacts feature off because I don't really want to access my phone contacts by means of my TomTom, just be able to receive calls Hands Free. Any suggestions?


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    UPDATE: I've found that if I re-pair my phone and then when TomTom first attempts to import contacts, on the phone I choose to refuse (and don't ask again) this seems to prevent it from spending ages importing contacts as it gives up pretty much straight away and throws up an error message. The phone and TomTom still work together for Hands Free calling but it's a messy way to disable importing. Would be nice if you could turn it off in TomTom.
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    Maybe security??? There's nothing to lock your Satnav to stop a 3rd party gaining access
    if someone steals your Satnav they could also steal your Contacts ???