Plan a specific route avoiding specific roads

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I have a friend who cannot travel on motorways. If we get as far as a slip road, she has a panic attack which can be quite serious. I thought I'd found the answer with MyDrive and the Go Premium but now it seems not. A motorway is of course a road such as the M25 but for my friend, the A2 near dartford is also a motorway but just not classified as such. The TomTom can of course avoid "Motorways" but I need it to avoid the A2 for example. I created a route from home near dartford to Bluewater. As soon as I load the route to the device, it changes it and goes straight along the A2. I simply cannot risk my friend using the device because of this. I need it to plan a route and NOT change it.
I've set the preferences to always avoid Motorways, Always ask if a faster route is available but there isn't much else I can set.
I tried setting waypoints along the route to try an force it along that route - it ignored the ones most important and still routed along the A2
I am so frustrated if anyone can help please!


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    The Winding route option avoids big roads. You can shape a route with extra stops. (and don't stop there)

    You can also create the route in MyDrive and drag it to the roads you like. Then Sync it as a Track to your device.
    Open the Track in MyRoutes on your TomTom and hit Drive.
    Your TomTom will follow the path you synced. (But you have to avoid U-turns on the same road. these can be filtered out)
    When you have Stops on your route create multiple Tracks from Stop to Stop.