Why does my new Rider 550 have no preinstalled maps?

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I've just bought my new Rider 550 and turned it on and it said no maps - I have to download a map so I started downloading the Europe one and it is very slow and keeps restarting the download. Is this normal. I thought it came with pre-installed maps? Has it also got 16mb of memory.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Diddydi

    The RIDER should have come with a preinstalled map so it's strange that when it started for the first time there was no map.

    Regarding your download, I see that a map is getting offered but the installation does not go through because of reasons below-

    -- Aggressive anti-virus/firewalls.
    -- Poor wi-fi connection.
    -- ISP (Internet Service Provider) or router issues. This also includes business networks.

    More information about it available on this FAQ