Trucker 6200 I cannot add it to my devices or install live services

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I have the truck 6200 and cannot add it to my devices. When I plug the satnav in and start MyDrive it just says I do not need to use this program as all updates can be done using wifi.
My live services is about to expire and I have purchased the update, I cannot install it due to being unable to add my device to My Drive. So.. how can I install them.. this is the 2nd time I have had this issue. Last time, TomTom said they'd added my device to my account. This has not happened... what can I do?


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    Hi @SteveJane1971

    Firstly you do not need the My Drive Software to add the Live Services to the Device unless as indicated here.. All updating is done directly via Wifi however if your Wifi is slow then you connect the device to your PC with the My Drive Connect software running but use the menus on the device to do the updating. The device is only using the PC as a connection to the internet and you cannot manage the activity via the My Drive Software.

    Regrading the Live Services if you have purchased the service and clearly related it to the Device concerned via the serial number then the Service should be okay.

    If you have any concerns then contact customer support and they can sort anything out if necessary. Do not answer the questions but wait for an agent to answer.