Is it possible to join a number of routes in My Routes to form 1 long route?

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I have a number of short routes average 15 - 20 miles each of nice roads through France and the Pyrenees stored in MY Routes and wondered is possible to make one new route/ road trip by using all these and letting Tom Tom find the quickest route between each one.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @nickmcd

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    This is an interesting one... Do all these routes have a similar destination or close by? Do these routes have stops added you wish to travel through?

    Btw, the RIDER or TomTom PND's don't support the auto-selection of the route.

  • nickmcd
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    Hi Vikram

    They are basically a number of routes which I have picked up some short some 25 - 30 miles long all of nice roads down through france into the pyrenees on to the coast. joined together they would form a route of approximately 600miles from north to south. I can bring up each individual route on my Tom Tom but I want to be able to join them so I can start at one point and spend a week or so trvelling down picking up all the routes as i go without having to stop at the end of each section to set the sat nav to take me to the start of the next. If that makes sense.


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    Are the saved routes .ITN routes or .GPX tracks

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    Hi GPX tracks. I think I have sorted it now. Found an APP called My Routes and it was easy on there, just need to transfer to MYDRIVE now.