After updating 620 WiFi "No maps available", I can't connect to TT. What to do?

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I started to update my TT 620. After software update, it started to update maps. During that process connection to Wifi apparently got lost. Now TT states "no maps available". If I click add map, the next screen suggests that I can add a map but no where to continue to add a map.
This creates a deadlock. Rebooting system does not help. Myconnect states I can only access 620 via Wifi... ~So locked.. What to do?


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    Hi @MMu

    MyDrive Connect (MDC) for Wifi devices like yours only allows you to share the internet connection of your PC itself connected to the network if possible by RJ45 cable and not by Wifi.
    All management of your device is always done from the screen of your TomTom device and not on the PC.

    If you can not find a map after the "Add a Map" button it's maybe because your GO620 has lost its link with your TomTom user account and related services including Maps, email+password in "MyDrive".

    Try with your PC and the MDC software:
    Your GO620 Wifi not connected to your PC by cable.
    - Install and open MDC.
    - Enter your email+password.
    - Only after that connect your device to the PC with its cable.
    - On the screen of your TomTom Wifi device select "Add a Map"
    - You should see the list of available maps.

    Look at this FAQ and TomTom video: No maps available (Wi-Fi® devices)

    If it doesn't work contact TomTom Customer Service to activate or reactivate services related to your device and more help.
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