TomTom via 52 NO GPS SIGNAL

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purchased new tomtom via 52 and since setting it up I have never managed to get a GPS signal. I have reset it twice, read the manual and online video and NO LUCK. I have updated and checked that my device was not affected by any of the 2019 issued. Losing the will to live now. HELP!!!!!


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    Hi @benben118

    If after you try the following you are unable to get a GPS signal then I suggest that you return the unit under warrantee.

    Charge the unit for at least 2 hours or carry out the following whilst it is attached to a power source.

    When fully charged take the unit outside well away from buildings and trees etc with a clear view of the sky all around. Attempting to do this within or near buildings isl ikely to fail. Turn the unit on and when working hold the ON/OFF button down for about 20 seconds plus until you hear the drumroll sound at which point let the button go. and the device will boot up again.

    Now create a sample route and get it ready to give you directions. Once it is ready put the unit down and not move for as much as 30 minutes plus until it connects to the satellites. It has been found that placing the unit on the metallic roof of a car can speed up the connection but in all cases make sure you keep an eye on the unit whilst not blocking its view of the sky. Once the unit has connected to the Sats it should do so much quicker in future helped by ensuring you keep it up todate..

    Hope this helps.

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    A Drum-roll Soft Start can help.... Hold the ON/OFF Power button in until you hear a Drum-roll sound... Then release the button.... This will reinitialize the devices Operating System, like restarting your PC

    Fully charge the Battery (At least 2 Hours)
    A low battery can cause GPS Satellite fix problems
    First Plan a route on the device... Now place the device outside with a clear view to the sky
    (I used a a 5200 mAh battery power-pack... while waiting for a Satellite lock)
    It can take anything up to 30 Minutes to get the first Satellite Lock
    After the Initial 'First Lock' the device should lock quickly onto the Satellites

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    If your still struggling to get a GPS Fix
    I have found with my Car parked on the drive, if I placed the device on the centre of the Cars roof (I used one of those 'Sticky' rubber mats to stop it sliding off the roof)
    The device will obtain it's first GPS Satellite lock more quickly... The metal roof of the Car acts as a ground-plane for the SatNav GPS Antenna and increases the signal strength

    Test... GO 825 Live connected to a 5200 mAh battery power-pack... PND Displaying 'GPS Status Menu'
    (1)... Centre of Car roof (Parked on drive).....
    Signal strength 86% Connected Satellites 9
    (2)... Outside clear view to the sky.....
    Signal strength 61% Connected Satellites 6
    (3)... Indoors 1st floor one metre from window.....
    Signal strength 51% Connected Satellites 4
    (4)... Indoors ground floor one metre from window.....
    Signal strength 41% Connected Satellites 3

    DON'T FORGET... If your using the cars roof
    Keep an eye on the device, you wouldn't want a family member driving off not knowing its on the roof or a Thief walking off with your SatNav

    Also its a long drop from the Cars roof onto the hard surface of the drive, I doubt a SatNav would survive a fall like that

    Use the above information at your own risk, the usual exclaimers apply

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    As I already explained, I have no problem to get a gps signal/satellite fix. The problem is that the time shown (and used by the device) is not the right one.