How to make the dynamic instructions guide shows me the next two or three turns?

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Adding this feature will save many people not to get lost in lanes after making a turn. It is sometimes difficult to know which lane to take after taking a turn. It would be very useful if you are driving for the first time in an area to know the turn following the next one so that you can decide which lane to take next, the right, left or middle. In unfamiliar short 2 - 5 consecutive turns it won't be easy to change your lane once you've moved to the next road, and hence there will be a chance of not catching the right lane hence missing the turn after next. I know that clicking on directions would show all incoming turns, but this isn't much practical in my opinion, knowing we should be focusing on driving; Thus, I wish if such an option to be added please in case no such an option is available. I wonder whether Tomtom sim navigators might carry such feature.


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    Hi @Peaceful_Mind_999

    Welcome to the Community! Thanks a lot for your feedback, please keep giving us that and be assured we are listening to it. :)

    Navigation device's and GO Navigation app has an option to show turn-by-turn text instructions for your planned route.

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