Cannot Download Europe Map.

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Hi, I have a GO5100 with GB&RoI loadedon the device and an installed 32gb sd card. I have for weeks been trying to download Europe map without success. Each time I am give a horrendous download time and then the app closes itself.
Any suggestions or solutions would be gratefully received.


  • Jim07
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    I guess the problem comes from your internet speed which is not "fast enough".

    But you can try this trick:

    Let your computer on and descativate the low-power standby. (or sleepm mode)

    Mydrive Connect must be open ( active on the task-bar) , then click and go to settings and you authorize the automatic updates form ( X o'clock till Y o'clock ) then the day after, plug your device and the update should start.



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    Hi Jim,
    Thanks for the reply. My PC is running at >50mbps so I do not believe speed is the issue. I d not have the low-power standby activated.. I will try the auto update.