Awaiting valid GPS signal on VIA 135

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my device is always "awaiting valid gps" it starts fine and selects route etc but as your travelling along it thinks youve gone into the fields and cant find route


  • DougLap
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    Hi @roryh

    Try the following.

    Firstly make sure you have loaded all available updates.

    Charge the device for about 2 hours or carry out the following with the device attached to a power source.

    Take the device well away from buildings and trees with a clear view of the sky all around. Turn the device on and when ready to go press and hold the On/Off button down for about 20 seconds plus until you have seen the Tomtom name and heard the Drumroll sound. Let the button go when you hear the drumroll.

    The device will now restart and you should then create a route and when the device is ready for you to drive off put the device down and leave it to try and connect to the Sats. This may take up to 30 minutes. It has been found that if you leave it on the metal roof of a car this can speed up the result. Keep an eye on the device whilst you do this.

    Once it has locked on it will usually find the Sats quicker in future especially if you keep it up to date as one of the regular updates is for Sat connecting.

    Now if that does not work then do the same again except instead of the Soft Reset I described above do a Factory Reset which you will find in Settings. You will have to set the unit up again as in out the box but you will still retain the current software and Map versions. I think when doing a Factory Reset you get 2 options and you should select the one that does not delete your Data.

    Hope that works.

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