Very low sound in app

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Recently all sounds in the Tom Tom go application have been very quiet. To the extent I cannt hear them in the car. I have checked all sound options in the app and cannt find any thing wrong. Sounds from other apps on my iPhone all produce sounds at a normal volume. I have also uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but this did not help.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @DaveAntro

    In Settings/Voices have you got voice volume set to max sound level of the music level set on your phone and radio?

  • DaveAntro
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    Hi Doug, it’s set to 100%. When I play music through my phones speakers that comes out pretty loud. When I move the slider for the volume under settings/voices I can just hear the sound that you normally get, it’s just very quiet
  • Jürgen
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    Please use the physical volume buttons during a voice instruction to increase the volume. I'm not sure why the volume slider in the app sometimes isn't working. The same happened to me and I reported it.
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    Hi DaveAntro
    I have the same problem as you.
    There is on an iPhone X that I have the problem.
    Everything in the app is set to 100% volume.
    I think it has come after the update to iOS 13.
    But also quite low sound.
  • YamFazMan
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    Have you tried instructions from Tomtom Staff Jürgen, in the post above your post
    Adjust the volume using the actual Volume + & -- Buttons direct on the phone (Not in the App) WHILE the Tomtom App is speaking a driving instruction....

  • Alas
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    The comment on changing the siri volume worked and solved the problem. Thanks