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GO 50 not connecting to MyDrive-Connect

Hi, I have a Go 50 with maps of Europs on it, working fine, and I have purchased the maps of the USA for a trip there. The device is registered and shows up in MyDrive Connect as "not connected". If I plug it into my pc (MAC) via the tomtom USB data cable the device starts up and the drum sounds is heard, but after about 3 seconds the screen disappears and I cannot get it to switch on. It shows in Connect as "not connected".
Does the navi need charging further? Once I have gotten it to connect the next rpoblem will be to find space for the USA map. I have a 16GB SD card in the expansion slot which it could use. How does that have to be formatted (currently FAT16) so the device can use it? Can it deal with having one set of maps (Europe) on the internal memory and the USA maps on the SD card?


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    Hi @colinham

    The micro SD class 10 memory card should be formatted to Fat32 and I would suggest either 16gb or a maximum of 32gb before fitted in the unit.

    When you put the card in you should normally be asked about formatting it in the device. If not go into Settings/system and select format a memory card and then select map.

    The 16gb card should easily be big enough. The Go50 will try to load maps on the internal memory first unless there is not enough space then it loads on the extra memory.

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    Hi @DougLap

    After connecting the Go 50 to a USB charging device I was able to start it successfully. Using the same (non-TomTom) USB cable I transferred the running unit to the PC which then recognised it, and I have been able to update the core sw.
    I have added a 64GB micro-SD card which was recognised by the Go 50 after I formatted it on the mac with FAT32. It shows with the full size on MyDrive Connect. The Go 50 reconized the card without a reboot and I formatted it in the system.
    So problem solved.
    Thanks for your help.
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    Hi @colinham

    Very surprised the unit has accepted 64gb card as TT state max is 32gb.

    Glad you are sorted.

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