Folowing recent update Go5200 will not connect to live services except by wifi and bluetooth.

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Following recent update Go5200 refuses to connect to Live Services with built-in sim. Will connect via Wifi or phone (Bluetoothed). Any ideas?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Mike_G

    I would try a Soft Reset.

    If that does not work and all your data, Favourites (My Places) and any Poi and Route files are visible when you log into your Account on the My Drive Website then I would do a factory Reset.

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap System
    Tap Reset Device.

    You will have to set the unit up again as you did out of the box and then if the data is in your account it should sync back onto the unit.

    Hope that helps

  • Mike_G
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    Thanks for trying, but I have done soft reset & factory reset. Still no live service, until I connect to Wifi, or set phone to download live updates.
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    Pleas call support, so that they can sort your account.
    For Phone Numbers look to this Side

    Greetings from Germany