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I use a GO 6100 and am planning a two week trip in Sicily setting up one route per day. I am confused about the difference between waypoints and Stops and would appreciate some guidance. I plan my routes using TomTom Mydrive connect on a windows PC and then download to my GPS. I can see no difference between a waypoint and a stop on my PC, both have the same little flag along side them and both are described as waypoints in the route directions. So far I design a route by having a starting point and then creating an end point. I then save this and go back and edit it. I do this because I found that if I enter a starting point and then more than one additional point my ability to save it a a route disappears! So I go back and add the additional towns/places we intend to visit that day and reorder them. Because I have no idea if these intermediate towns are considered stops, I also add a stop in each particular town which means that I have two numbers on the map superimposed on each intermediate town itemised on the route. I have no idea either if I have added the stop in right place. It all seems somewhat complicated and imprecise to me but I can find nowhere that TomTom actually explains the process and their video doesn't seem to cover this at all.
Any and all assistance to get me pointed in the right direction is very much appreciated.

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    Thank you very much for this informative post. I have just returned from Sicily where my TomTom behaved reasonably well. Sicilian maps on TomTom are clearly not up to date as we found many discrepancies particularly the existance of roundabouts of which TomTom was completely ignorant. (My maps are the latest and greatest TT provides). The worst problem we encountered was a parking lot for the Valley of the Temples which TT believes to be over 3kms from its actual location.
    Thank you again for your help.
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    Hi @Andrew42

    When you get a chance, can you please click on 'Yes' to mark RoadRider's comment as an answer? This will help others with similar concerns to find it. :)