Please is it possible to block my tomtom device?

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I realised someone managed to get into my car overnight 17/10/2019 and made away with some items including my Tomtom 6200. I am wondering if you could help block it from being registered by whoever is in possession of it. I have already reported to the Police. I have a crime number and I bought it from Curry in London in August 2018. I have prove of purchase of the credit facility I used with Thanks


  • VikramK
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    Hi @l_loebsa

    Sorry to hear about the stolen device.

    Please see the advice provided by @Niall on this topic-

  • l_loebsa
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    Thanks Vikram for replying to my question. I posed the question because of this quoted statement from TT "That means we cannot track a specific user or a specific device. For navigation devices it's possible for our Customer Care department to block your device from being connected to another account, if you can provide a crime reference number and a copy of the police report and proof of payment."

    With respect to your reply, I do not have the IMEI but I gave the S/N, which begins with "ZA" to the Police as that was what I registered my device with online. I have managed to locate the original box of the device, and I can see a combination of letters and numbers with the word "SIM" under the S/N. I am calling the Police to update them with this info. However I feel TT should be able to disable the device with the S/N and the the letters and numbers with the word SIM.

    Once again, thanks for your response.