Go Camper how do I get it to Ask me so I can choose

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Can anyone help, on my Go Camper Sat Nav I have it set for car but I don’t always want to use motorways.
If I then go to Settings, Route Planning and under the heading “When a faster Route is available” I have it set for “Ask me so I can choose”.

Below that there is a list of further options “Always plan this type of route” at the moment I have it sent on “Fastest Route” which I assume will plan a route which may include motorways.
My question is, even though I have it set to “Ask me so I can choose” its never asked me, is there something I need to switch on in order to get it do exactly that?

Thanks to anyone who can help

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    Hi Doug

    Thanks for putting me right its much appreciated, I guess I was comparing the Go Camper with my old sat nav which was a TomTom 520.
    If I didn’t want to travel on motorways I just put a tick in a box.

    Looks as though with the Camper there are that many buttons to press in order to achieve the same thing one has to be very careful they don’t end up with cramp in their figures lol.

    Thank once again for your help

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    The earlier Devices required me to enter my 'Route type' every time, but at least 98% of my journeys I would choose the Fastest Route

    The earlier NAV2/3 devices are Menu focused
    Asking all of the questions and button pushing at the start... Then device planned the route

    The Latest NAV4/5 (Wi-Fi) devices are Map Centric (Tomtom Speak)
    The Route planning has the highest priority (98% of the time I want the Fastest Route... Job Done)
    On the odd occasions I want something different, say I want to 'Avoid Motorways'...
    After Planning and Calculating the route
    I Tap the 4Dot (....) Menu --> Current Route --> Change route type... Choose Route Type required 'Like' (Avoid Motorways) the device recalculates the route avoiding Motorways

    To Always 'Avoid' Motorways etc....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Route Planning
    Scroll all the way down to sub menu 'Route planning'
    Turn off 'Motorways'

    To Avoid' Motorways etc... On a Route by Route basis....
    Plan & Calculate your Route -->
    Tap 4Dot (....) Menu --> 'Current Route' --> 'Avoid Road Types' --> Select... 'Avoid Motorways'